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Beautiful homes: Taining Global Geopark in Fujian Province
CCNPIC  By Linda Lee

Taining Global Geopark is located in Taining County, the northwest part of Fujian Province. The Geopark covers an area of 492.5 km2, and comprises four scenic areas, Zhukou, Big Golden Lake, Dabu, and Jinrao Mountain, plus a tour to ancient Taining City. The Geopark has a number of geological formations and is characterized by the Danxia landform, together with granite, volcanic, and tectonic landscapes. The natural ecological environment of Taining Geopark has kept very well. In addition, there are a number of wonderful man made features in the area. The combination of these geological and man-made features makes the area an attractive and comprehensive geopark.

107354-00255 金湖猫儿山

ID:107354-00255 Taining Global Geopark in Fujian Province Liu Xianjian

Taining is a global geopark and one of top ten attractive towns in China, known as a brilliant pearl on the western bank of Taiwan Strait and famed for its Daxia Landform on water and delicate scenery.


Taining's landscapes and appreciate its nice natural scenery, ample history and culture and unique ethnic customs from a particular angle. Taining World Geopark, covered scenic spots such as Zhaixia Canyon, Shanqing Brook, Dajing Lake, Taining Geological Museum, Minister Alley, Red Army Street, Central City Sculpture Group.

107354-00046 中国十佳魅力名镇——福建泰宁

ID:107354-00046 Taining old town Liu Xianjian


The geopark has an essential geological content called Danxia Landform, and also been characterized by granite mountains, dense forest, winding rivers, falls, Jinhu Lake islets, historic culture and the Red Army HQ.


The Taining Geopark was developed on the geological background of the Cathaysis. It has lain at a west marginal area of the Pacific Plate since the Late Triassic period. The geopark has abundant geological records and is one of the largest Danxia landform areas in China. It represents a typical early development stage of the Danxia landform.

107354-00251 十八里金湖

ID:107354-00251 Taining Global Geopark in Fujian Province Liu Xianjian


"The Dajin Lake (meaning Great Golden Lake) in Taining Geopark looks like a bright mirror reflecting the ancient temple, fantastic rocks, dangerous stockaded villages, clean spring, precipices and galloping waterfall around it when it is viewed in the air.

107354-00178 金湖公子峰

ID:107354-00178 Taining Global Geopark in Fujian Province Liu Xianjian



  (CCNPIC Linda Lee)

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