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Silk Road Xinjiang
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The northwestern border region of Xinjiang, lauded variously as a land of song and dance, melons and fruits, precious stones, and carpets, is situated in the heart of the Eurasia Continent. Xinjiang was a key link on the Silk Road and a hub for east-west cultural exchanges in ancient times. The local folklore is rich and varied.

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The province is largely populated by Mainland ethnic minority groups, such as the Mongols, Kazaks, Kyrgyzs and Uighurs. Like Tibet, the demographic composition of the province has shifted over the past few decades. In 1949, Xinjiang's population was approximately 85% Uighur and 8% Han Chinese; today it is about 45% Uighur and 40% Han Chinese.


Xinjiang boasts of rich and colorful tourist resources characterized by unique natural landscapes, varied climate and long history. The co-existence of the cool Heavenly Lake and hot Turpan, as well as the expansive desert and wide oasis constitute the rough and natural landscape in Xinjiang. There are more than 1000 wild species, many of which are rare plants and animals. To date 23 nature reserves have been established and four of them are nationally designated ones. The Xinjiang owes its popularity to the many tourist attractions like the Heavenly Lake, the Hanas Lake, Bosteng Lake, Sailimu Lake and Bayinbluke Prairie, A number of historical and cultural relics in Xinjiang are also well known. For instance, the Jiaohe ruins, Gaochang ruins, Loulan Site and Kizil Thousand Buddha Grottoes, and so on. Xinjiang is reputed as the "Home of Singing and Dancing" for its unique folk culture and custom.

ID:108951-00150 Silk Road Xinjiang  Picture   Liu Yi


Xinjiang Attractions


Heavenly Lake - Urumqi

The breathtaking Lake of Heaven is definitely worth exploration. Some travellers intend to visit for a couple of days and end up staying for weeks in lakeside yurts. There are many local Kazak families.


Idigar Mosque - Kashgar

Idigar ( Aitika) Mosque is China's largest mosque, and able to hold 6,000 worshippers. On religious feast days, up to 50,000 worshipper come for Friday prayer.


Grape Valley - Turpan

According to the investigation, the Xinjiang grape altogether has more than 50 varieties. Especially in Turfan, everywhere is planting the grape, accounts for the entire boundary grape sown area above 90%, simply has become "grape's kingdom".


Karez Well - Turpan

In an ancient and fantastic underground irrigation system - the Karez wells - snowmelt from the mountains is channelled to the oasis over long distances underground ( to prevent the water from evaporting) using the force of gravity. (CCNPIC bobo)

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Silk Road Xinjiang

Silk Road Xinjiang

Silk Road Xinjiang

Silk Road Xinjiang

Silk Road Xinjiang

Silk Road Xinjiang

Silk Road Xinjiang

Silk Road Xinjiang

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