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Zhengding Guanghui Temple: treasures of China ancient buildings
CCNPIC  By Nancy Wu


019-6891 河北正定广惠寺多宝塔(华塔)

ID:019-6891 Zhengding Guang-hui Temple,Hebei   Picture


019-6888 河北正定广惠寺

ID:019-6888 Zhengding Guang-hui Temple,Hebei   Picture


019-6887 河北正定广惠寺

ID:019-6887 Zhengding Guang-hui Temple,Hebei   Picture


019-6890 河北正定广惠寺多宝塔(华塔)

ID:019-6890 Zhengding Guang-hui Temple,Hebei   Picture

  (CCNPIC Nancy Wu)

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