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The ancient Hantai: Liu Bang's palace of Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province
CCNPIC  By Nancy Wu


017-6138 陕西汉中古汉台碑林

ID:017-6138 Hanzhong Guhantai, Shaanxi   Picture


017-6140 陕西汉中古汉台碑林

ID:017-6140 Hanzhong Guhantai, Shaanxi   Picture


017-6147 陕西汉中古汉台碑林

ID:017-6147 Hanzhong Guhantai, Shaanxi   Picture


017-6154 陕西汉中古汉台

ID:017-6154 Hanzhong Guhantai, Shaanxi   Picture


017-6131 陕西汉中古汉台望江楼

ID:017-6131 Hanzhong Guhantai, Shaanxi   Picture


112424-00041 陕西汉中古汉台

ID:112424-00041 Hanzhong Guhantai, Shaanxi   Picture Huang Hongwu

  (CCNPIC Nancy Wu)

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