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·Taizhou Talu Island in Zhejiang Province  ·Beautiful homes: Taining Global Geopark in Fujian Province  ·Yulong Jokul  ·Xiamen City landscape, Fujing Province  ·South Africa scenery  ·Beihai scenery in Guangxi Province  ·China's folk art: Folk Paper-cutting in Tianjin Ancient Culture Street  ·Hukou Waterfall: Yellow River on a bright pearl  ·Classic Posters of China  ·Heilongjiang Wetlands  ·Chongqing: the only municipality directly under the central government in western China  ·The earliest and long-lasting sports: Chinese Kung-fu  ·The famous city of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: Xining  ·The ancient battlefield site of Opium War: Humen Shajiao Battery, Guangdong Province  ·Yandun Jiao's Swan, Rongcheng  
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