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Tibet Tours in Winter
CCNPIC  By bobo

As Tibet is covered by ice and snow throughout the year, most people assume that winter is not a good time to visit. However, according to expert travelers, the winter temperature of Lhasa averages about 12 degrees Celsius and the daytime temperatures of winter in Lhasa can be even higher as a result of intensive sunlight.

111131-00937 纳木错湖

ID:111131-00937 Tibet Tours in Winter Picture Wang Lu


Recommended scenic spots

Recommended scenic spots for Tibet winter travelers are concentrated around Lhasa and Nyingchi. The first is Mount Namjagbarwa whose relatively low altitude and high humidity covers the mountain in fog and cloud in spring and summer. As a result, the dry season, from September to the spring is the best time to appreciate Mount Namjagbarwa. Others sights include the old and new sections of Lhasa, boating in the Crayon Brahmaputra, taking pictures at two rivers' joint (the Niyang river and Brahmaputra river), sightseeing in Norbu Lingka (a beautiful garden on the suburb of Lhasa), living in the holiday village by Basum Lake (a holy lake at the foot of glaciers) and visiting Sangmu village.

107908-00024 西藏风光

ID:107908-00024  Brahmaputra river Picture  Lei Yingyan


108070-00140 布达拉宫内景

ID:108070-00140  Brahmaputra river Picture Tian Zhan


Festivals falling in winter time

Winter is a festive season in Tibet. For many Tibet winter travelers, festival celebrations are also exciting attraction. Here is a list of Tibetan festivals that fall in winter.


Join one festive event during your visit in Tibet and it will surely add more to your memory of the snowland.

ID:107957-00139  Brahmaputra river Picture Zhao Zhichun


Tibetan New Year is the most important festival in Tibet. It is an occasion when Tibetan families reunite and expect that the coming year will be a better one. Known as Losar, the festival starts from the first to the third day of the first Tibetan month.


Things to take to make sure for an easy winter holiday in Tibet

Altitude in these areas averages around 3,000 meters and can only cause slight altitude sickness. Taking some anti-anoxic medicines like Hongjingtian and Gaoyuanan is enough to ease through the first few days after arriving at these places.


Other things that can ensure travellers have an easy winter holiday in Tibet are sunglasses, glacier caps and sunscreen creams preventing over-exposure to intensive sunshine and Xuemang (snow blindness).


 Some ginger powder is also necessary to get rid of bugs because not all hostels in Tibet can provide bed blankets free of these insects. Breathable underwear is better than cotton underwear for cotton underwear is airtight and the undrained sweat can make people feel cold. Last but not least, bring a painkiller such as paracetemol or aspirin, which can help with frostbite as well as aches and colds. (CCNPIC bobo)

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Tibet Tours in Winter [Photos]
Tibet Tours in Winter

Tibet Tours in Winter

Tibet Tours in Winter

Tibet Tours in Winter

Tibet Tours in Winter

Tibet Tours in Winter

Tibet Tours in Winter

Tibet Tours in Winter

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