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Nature's gift:Sanya
CCNPIC  By bobo

Sanya is the southernmost city in Hainan province, China. It has an area of 1919.6 square km and a population of 536,000 (2006). After Haikou, it is the second most populous city of the island. Sanya is renowned for its tropical climate and is a popular tourist destination. Now, Sanya is well known and admired as a famous coastal tourist city, with a favorable climate that includes good sunshine, seawater, beaches, green vegetation and pure air.

ID:108070-00959 Nature's gift:Sanya    Picture  Tian Zhan



The Nanshan Temple in Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone is located 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) away from the west of Sanya City, and is certainly worth visiting. It is the most famous Buddhist temple in Hainan Province, and faces the South Sea and is encircled by mountains on both its sides. There are several ways to guide you to the temple, but the most convenient route is to take the buses that can reach there directly via the Jiefang Second Road of Sanya City. The entrance fee is CNY150 per person.

ID:111131-00502 Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone  Picture  Wang Lu


Yalong Bay hosts one of the best beaches in Sanya. Here, the clear blue water glistens and palm trees fill the beach front. Its no wonder Sanya is known as the "Hawaii of China."

ID:108070-00964 Yalong Bay  Picture   Tian Zhan


Tianya Haijiao (literally 'edge of the sky, rim of the sea'), which is 24 kilometers (about 15 miles) away from the downtown center, just as its name means that it will take you to the end of heaven and earth. Ancient history recalls a beautiful love story that relates to this particular beauty spot that is enhanced by a blue sky and pure, clear seawater of Tianya Haijiao. There are three famous huge rocks here that attract lots of visitors, and many who take photos in front of them, as the Chinese characters of Tianya, Haijiao and Nantian Yizhu are respectively engraved on them.

ID:111218-00036 Tianya Haijiao  Picture   Liu Tongfu


Wuzhizhou Island, which is in Haitang Bay, north of Sanya City, attracting lots of the medium and high-end tourists every year. A gorgeous natural landscape, combined with various tourist facilities and well-developed entertaining events on the island support visitors and provide a paradise destination, just perfect for spending holidays at. 

ID:112156-00001 Wuzhizhou Island  Picture Miao Guoyu


Sanya's West Island is the number one destination in Hainan for diving and water sports.Located 8 miles off the coast, the island offers every kind of diversion for those with an active lifestyle.West Island boasts crystal clear waters with a wide array of marine life and extensive coral reefs to explore. 

ID:022-7348 West Island  Picture


Geography and climate

Sanya is the roughly on the same latitude as Hawaii, with very warm weather all year around. It is one of the transportation and communication centers of China, and one of the important trade ports in the extreme south of the golden coastline. The daily average temperature is 25.4C and annual rainfall is 1,279mm. (CCNPIC bobo)

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Nature's gift:Sanya [Photos]
Nature's gift:Sanya

Nature's gift:Sanya

Nature's gift:Sanya

Nature's gift:Sanya

Nature's gift:Sanya

Nature's gift:Sanya

Nature's gift:Sanya

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