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Beautiful Dongjiang Lake in Hunan
CCNPIC  By David·Celine

The Dongjiang Lake Canyon is located Zixing City, south Hunan Province, China. In the canyon, there is a section of river water lower reaches of reservoir, people called it small Dong Jiang that long is 12 kilometers.

110397-00243 晨雾锁东江

ID:110397-00243 Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  Picture  Luo Ming


The lake surface is like a mirror, with mists and waves stretch far into the distance, islands dotted with lake, the pleasure-boat shuttles back and forth, surrounding the lake is a group of meandering hills, newly built villages and verdant forestry. China famous singer, Song Zuying's clear and melodious "Song of Dongjiang", mixed with the ripples, structures a special conception of Dongjiang Lake and provides an excellent carefree and joyous environment for tourists

110397-00156 晨雾锁东江

ID:110397-00156 Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  Picture  Luo Ming


109501-00030 雾漫小东江

ID:109501-00030 Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  Picture  Ye Wei


From April to November every year, after hot and damp air contact with ice-cold river water from flows out the reservoir which more than 100 meters deep places, to congeal and turn fog on the surface of the river. Looks like is fluttering scallop in canyon. To the noon, these mist is quietly dissipated. Then arrives again along with the curtain of night.

After the rain when just cleared, the mist is stronger, the mist is being along with the mountain valley overflow.

110397-00187 晨雾锁东江

ID:110397-00187 Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  Picture  Luo Ming


107465-00025 湖南郴州小东江

ID:107465-00025 Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  Picture  Lin Maochun


The thick fog is penetrated by the golden color sunlight immediately when the sun goes to the first wisp of sunlight the surface of the river time, and presents a piece of magnificent scenery.

  (CCNPIC David·Celine)

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