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·Aden Chonggu Temple Scenic in Inagi  ·Tanggula Township Tuotuohe, Golmud  ·All kung fu in the world originated from the Shaolin Temple  ·Dream home: Huangyao old town of Hezhou  ·Qingcheng Mountain  ·Hemu View  ·The energy industry results of images for the Sixtieth Anniversary of People's Republic of China to celebration  ·Kaiping Watch Tower ( Diaolou ) and Villages  ·Shenzhen International Garden and Flower Exposition  ·The pearl of the plateau: Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Yunnan Province  ·Las Vegas  ·Culture has a splash of ethnic minorities: Dai ethnicity  ·Yandun Jiao's Swan, Rongcheng  ·Yellow River estuary, Dongying  ·Holy Lake: Namtso, the vast sapphire blue lake  
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