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·A strong religious atmosphere of ancient peoples: Tibetan  ·Beautiful autumn scenery of the South of the Yangtze River  ·Wusong Ice-rime encloses tree scenery in Jilin City, northeast China  ·Wudangzhao Lamasery  ·Henan opera: one of the most influential operas in China  ·Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology  ·Hemu View  ·Jinrong Street  ·Customs of Langmusi area in Ganshu Province  ·Egyptian Girl  ·Chinese revolution resort: Zunyi of Guizhou  ·Classic Posters of China  ·Dolphin Island Scenery, Philippines  ·Tanggula Township Tuotuohe, Golmud  ·Daocheng Yading scenery in Sichun Province  
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