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·Sanya Landscape in Hainan  ·Types of facial makeup in Chinese Operas  ·Egyptian women's charming grace  ·Jingzhou Ancient City: preserved ancient city wall in southern China  ·A strong religious atmosphere of ancient peoples: Tibetan  ·Yixing Zishahu  ·Qiantang River scenery, Zhejiang Province  ·Mount Huangshan: both the world cultural and natural heritage lists  ·Shenyang Palace Museum  ·Litan Highway  ·Tianshan Mountain Ranch in Xinjiang  ·Qinghai Lake, a blue mirror nestled in Qinghai-Tibet plateau  ·Lotus flower in summer  ·Beating between light and shadow of the wizard: Chinese Shadow Art  ·Hongdengji: Chinese revolution of modern Peking Opera  
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