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·Jinsha River Tiger Leaping Gorge  ·Everest Desert: Alxa Mongolian Badain Jaran Desert  ·The paleo house of Xuzhou: Zheng Courtyard  ·Chongqing: the only municipality directly under the central government in western China  ·The Museum of Qingzhao in Jinan, Shandong Province  ·New York  ·Yanqing Guyaju site of Beijing: tousand years of human Cave in China  ·Temple of Nakhon Pathom, Thailand  ·Types of facial makeup in Chinese Operas  ·Stone Forest Of Yunnan  ·Aden Chonggu Temple Scenic in Inagi  ·Fiji Islands scenery  ·Beautiful Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  ·Xingyi Lubuge  ·Yellow River estuary, Dongying  
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