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·Chinese Tang Dynasty dancing show  ·Hukou Waterfall: Yellow River on a bright pearl  ·Peking University: China's first national comprehensive university  ·The ancient battlefield site of Opium War: Humen Shajiao Battery, Guangdong Province  ·Honghai Beach Of Panjin  ·Millennium ancient castle: Shujiatang Castle of Fenghuang old city, Hunan Province  ·New York Metropolitan Museum of Chinese cultural relics  ·Yichun Kuerbin  ·The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City  ·Xiamen City landscape, Fujing Province  ·Guizhou Zhijindong: the most beautiful tourist cave in China  ·Silk Road Xinjiang  ·Hulunbuir Prairie: purest land in China  ·Wetlands: the source of the human driving force for sustainable development  ·roaming Lucerne allows you to find unusual feeling  
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